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OPS-MATH is the only Excel-based teaching and study tool for 5 APICS certification courses developed by an APICS Master Instructor. The interactive spreadsheets are far superior and easier to use than text-based exercises. OPS-MATH vs text-based. Benefits. OPS-MATH is delivered electronically and includes:

  1. A 2-year license.
  2. FREE upgrades during your license period.
  3. Over 100 well documented high quality exercises. All, except a few, are customizable to provide many billions of exercise possibilities.
  4. Exercises are chosen using APICS Exam Content Manual references so you will find some exercises that are not in the APICS courseware. This is an advantage because there could be exam questions on these topics as explained in the APICS Examination Procedures Bulletins.
  5. Instructions for using OPS-MATH plus online videos.
  6. The Supply-Demand Tutorial will help you calculate without detailed formula memorization.
  7. The Math and Algebra Tutorial will help you learn the key math and algebra techniques used in the course of study.
  8. The Math and Algebra Test will test your ability with the math and algebra techniques in the course of study.

Exercises for these APICS courses:

  1. CSCP
  2. CPIM - Basics of Supply Chain Management
  3. CPIM - Master Planning of Resources
  4. CPIM - Detailed Scheduling and Planing
  5. CPIM - Execution and Control of Operations

System requirements for your computer.

  1. Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10, 32-bit or 64-bit
  2. Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher, 32-bit or 64-bit
  3. MS Office 365 not supported.