Install Troubleshooting

4 Steps to installing OPS-MATH fpr more than 1-day

  1. Install 1-day FREE Trial App. No Software Registration Key required.
  2. Order license
  3. Email us your Computer ID assigned by App. What is a Computer ID?
  4. Install your Keys

Are you are still getting this "application has expired" box after your keys are installed?


Here is how to fix it.

Use Windows Explorer to navigate to your OPS-MATH folder which is located under your "My Documents" folder. Your window will look similar to this.

Step 1: Verify that the Key and App are in the OPS-MATH folder.

  1. Verify that you have an App file and a RKEY file. Both 32-bit and 64-bit keys were supplied so they should be shown in the file list.
  2. Reinstall the App and/or the key if one or both are missing.

Step 2: Verify that the RKEY files have not been renamed.

  1. The key files must be named OPSMATH_32.rkey and OPSMATH_64.rkey
  2. If necessary, right-click the file, select "Rename," and change them accordingly or re-save them from the email that included the keys as attachments.

Step 3: Try running the App "As administrator."

  1. Right-click the OPS-MATH App file and select "Run as administrator" from the menu.

Step 4: If you still get the "application has expired" box, then send us an email explaining the problem. You can start an email by clicking the "Contact author" button (see first graphic above). Include a picture of your OPS-MATH folder window in the email. Here is how to copy a window into the Windows clipboard so that it can be pasted into an email.

  1. Click the window you want to copy.
  2. Press Alt-Print Screen on your keyboard to copy it to the Windows clipboard. On laptops you may also have to press the Fn or other key to activate the print screen feature. Note: pressing Print Screen without the Alt key will copy the entire screen instead of the single window.