Send Us Your Computer ID

4 Steps to Installing OPS-MATH for more than 1-day

  1. Install 1-day FREE Trial App. No Software Registration Key required.
  2. Order license
  3. Email us your Computer ID assigned by the App - instructions on this page. What is a Computer ID?
  4. Install your Keys

Step 1: Find your Computer  ID assigned by the App

Display the box similar to the one shown above in one of two ways.

  1. If your 1-day FREE Trial has expired the box will open when you try to load the App.
  2. If your 1-day FREE Trial is still active, open the App and using the Excel menu, click Add-ins >> DoneEx>>Application OPSMATH...>>About

Step 2: Copy your Computer ID to the Windows clipboard

  1. Click the button "Copy Computer ID"

Step 3: Send us your Computer ID

  1. Reply to your order confirmation email.
  2. Paste your Computer ID into the email and send.