Help, what do I do now?

  1. You now have an advantage you did not have the first time! You have now experienced the exam and this will help you greatly the second time you take the exam.
  2. Strengthen your resolve to pass the exam. The certification will improve your work performance and career potential.
  3. Your exam result will give your score and how well you did in each area. Determine your weak areas.
  4. Obtain the resources listed in the Exam Content Manual for your weak areas. Study them with extra resolve but do not ignore the other areas. You will forget some things that you knew during the first exam.
  5. Master all OPS-MATH exercises for the course. You can answer many non-math questions when you understand the math, planning hierarchy, terminology and data relationships that are in the OPS-MATH exercises.
  6. At this writing, the minimum waiting period is to re-take the exam is 14 days as stated in the Exam Registration Bulletins. Re-take the exam as quickly as possible after you have studied your weak areas. The longer you wait, the more you forget.
  7. It is highly likely that the exam you re-take will not be the exact same exam you took earlier. There are multiple versions of the exam. This is another reason why the Exam Content Manual is your primary study guide for the second time you take the exam as well as the first.
  8. If you are not taking the CPIM exams in their natural order you should consider taking them in this order: BSCM (Basics), MPR, DSP, ECO, SMR.
  9. If you used an outdated version of the CSCP Learning System you should purchase the latest version.