Why should I learn the math when ERP systems do the math for me?

Think of an ERP system as your car. Both are very complex systems with many different parts working together. Using an ERP system, like learning to drive a car, takes some learning and practice but overall it is easily accomplished. But what happens when the car isn't working properly? There is a huge difference between knowing how to drive a car and knowing how to fix a car. You need a certified mechanic to diagnose and repair the car. That mechanic had to study the minute details about the various components and how they work together so the systems works efficiently.

Like car drivers, ERP systems have many "drivers" - people who have learned to read and react to the information provided to accomplish the task. You certainly don't need to be APICS certified to be an ERP "driver." In fact most aren't. But, ERP systems also need certified mechanics to diagnose and tune them for greater operational efficiency and customer service. This is where your APICS education is needed for you to learn about the minute details and how the various components work together efficiently. This is where learning the math becomes important.

A big difference between cars and ERP systems is that cars are in perfect condition when they are new and can be maintained and repaired to operate efficiently as needed. ERP systems are usually not perfect when initially implemented and fine tuning is continuous. While cars only need a certified mechanic periodically, ERP systems need APICS certified people continuously who can master the details in context with the overall system.

Certified car mechanics make more money than car drivers. Be smart, learn operations management math, get APICS certified and accelerate your career!


"I hear, I forget

I see, I remember

I do, I understand"

-Chinese Proverb